Why Avvance?

With so many financing options available, choosing a partner can be daunting.


You choose the types of loans that work for your business and your customers, and Avvance matches your customers to affordable, monthly installment plans.



A seamless experience that impacts your bottom line

Avvance streamlines the payment process, with a simple to set up, easy-to-use solution to align with your business goals.

Payment plans let your customers do more



Enable your customers to make the purchases they need, when they need them, important purchases into their budget.



Designed to fit your business goals

Boost conversion rates and higher ticket sales

Remove barriers that hold them back from pressing the “buy now” button.

  • Raises checkout conversion rates by up to 30% higher
  • Increases average order size by 30% to 40%
  • Results in fewer abandoned sales
  • Increases upsell rates for upper-tier products
  • Lowers customer acquisition costs

Take the risk out of offering installment plans

Offering payment plans on your own comes with risks that could make a big impact on a small business.

With Avvance, everything changes.

  • No past due invoices
  • You get paid upfront, within 48 hours
  • Avvance manages each customer payment plan for you


A simple interface with powerful tools

The Avvance Merchant Portal has all the tools you need to start offering flexible financing options.


Enrolled businesses can log in to see customized data insights, watch training videos, download marketing materials, and more.




Designed to fit their lifestyle goals


Put the purchasing power back in their hands

Consumers are more likely to make purchases when they have the flexibility of financing through installment loans.

  • Allow financing up to $25,000 so they can make the big purchases that make big difference
  • Help them fit more of what they need and want into their budget

Customers expect Buy Now, Pay Later for big purchases


of consumers favor fixed monthly payment plans1


1 in 5

consider BNPL financing for purchases $1,000 and higher2


expect a seamless point-of-sale experience1



Turn "Maybe someday" into "Yes, today!"

Make flexible financing the next step in your business plans, so you and your customers can start saying “yes” to more.


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1 https://investor.citizensbank.com/about-us/newsroom/latest-news/2018/2018-11-08-123003472
2 https://couponfollow.com/research/buy-now-pay-later-report