Offering Point of Sale financing is easy with Avvance

Avvance is a point-of-sale lending solution that helps your customers finance purchases quickly and easily, all embedded in a seamless payment process.





Avvance fits your customer experience

When you add Avvance as a payment option, you make it easy for your customers to pay.


Open the door to more choices for your customers with our simple to use, easy to set up tools.


How Avvance fits with your business


Get paid in full, upfront

Receive your funds in full, within 48 hours, on every transaction.


Win more sales, more often

Give your customers the confidence to buy now.


Increase transaction sizes

Financing makes important purchases affordable.




Stand apart from the competition

You choose which financing options you want to offer.  

Attract more customers with 0% financing for shorter periods or help customers spread payments over a longer term with a competitive rate. You decide.


It's simple for merchants to start using Avvance

Step 1


Enroll Today

Contact sales to discuss how Avvance can work with your business. 

Step 2


Activate Avvance

You can customize the payment plans you offer to your clients and customers at the point of sale.


Step 3


Offer Avvance as a payment method  

When a customer chooses to pay with Avvance, the process is automated through your POS system.


Add Avvance today

In just a few clicks, include Avvance as a payment option on your account.



Avvance seamlessly integrates with your payment processing

Built on the backs of Elavon payment processing tools, Avvance integrates with and supports most major point of sale system.

We make it easy to use the tools together for a simple merchant and customer experience from start to finish.


A simple interface with powerful tools

The Avvance Merchant portal has all the tools you need to start offering flexible financing options.


Enrolled businesses can log in to see customized data insights, watch training videos, download marketing materials, and more.




Avvance turns "Maybe someday" into "Yes, today!"

Make flexible financing the next step in your business plans, so you and your customers can start saying "yes" to more.


Fill out the form today, and our team will reach out to help you get started with Avvance.

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